Welcome to Select Tool & Die, Inc.

Located in Southwest Michigan, we at Select Tool & Die, Inc. strive to maintain 100% on-time completion of all projects while achieving the highest level of quality. Our goal is to provide a high quality tool at a fair, competitive price.

Simultaneously, we expect to attain sufficient profitability in order to continually invest in new and better equipment, as well as, technology necessary to meet our customer's needs.

Your Needs

We at Select Tool & Die, Inc. understand that manufacturing and delivering products to our customers can be a 24-hour /7 day per week necessity. In order to help you meet your needs, we offer around the clock pickup and delivery and work with you to meet your manufacturing schedules. 

Select Tool & Die, Inc. utilizes CAD/CAM systems to tool path CNC milling machines. In addition, Select utilizes manual milling and turning equipment and works off part prints as needed create 3D models from part prints and offer complete CMM inspection of tools.


Select Tool & Die has CAD/ CAM capabilities to fit
your designing and engineering needs.

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Services Provided

  • Designing and building of prototype tooling
  • Designing, building, repairing and maintaining die cast dies and plastic and rubber molds
  • Designing and building of fixtures for machining, assembly and CMM inspection
  • Core pin replacement
  • Low and high plume production machining of components and castings
  • Engineering changes for die cast dies, plastic and rubber molds, and machining fixtures
  • Servicing and maintenance of die cast dies and plaslc and rubber molds

What we do

  • Design and build prototype molds and die cast tooling
  • Provide prototypes machined from billet materials
  • Design and build production aluminum, zinc, magnesium die cast dies and plastic molds
  • Maintain and repair die cast dies and plastic molds
  • Engineering Changes
  • Component replacement
  • Build fixtures for machining, assembly, and CMM inspection
  • Low to medium volume production machining of components and castings

Capabilities and Equipment

  • Surfcam Velocity 4 CAD/CAM System
  • Cimatron Die Design Plus Solid Modeling
  • Solidworks Software
  • CMM Inspection services
  • Various surface and cutter grinders, lathes, saws and cranes
  • Material Handling capabilities to 5 tons
  • 11 Vertical Machining Centers with 50” X 25” travel and load capacity to 3500 pounds
  • Charmille CNC Sinker EDM machine
  • Horizontal mills
  • Manual vertical mills with Troyke turntables
  • Radial arm drill press
  • Polishing equipment
  • Several trucks and trailers for dependable on-time delivery
  • Highly qualified, dedicated and experienced personnel